Partnership Opportunities "As One"


Coalition for Pastors in Haiti’s (CFPH) is a Christian 501c3 (not for profit) organization focused on supporting, encouraging, and building up the kingdom of God in Northwest Haiti in the city of Port de Paix and surrounding villages. The CFPH was birthed out of the Bread of Life Ministries (BOLMIN) through fervent prayer and continuous guidance of the Holy Spirit.

We believe that the Holy Spirit has called us to work beside the Pastors in Northwest Haiti in order to support and encourage them in their calling to spread the Gospel in Haiti.

 The CFPH dynamics and core responsibilities are currently in the developmental stages and we as a Church are assisting them with  monetary support needed to establish a godly foundation for the CFPH Mission Center. Also CFPH will focus on building strong communities in order to bring change with the expectation of breathing hope that will eventually lead to Spirit-filled lives, while navigating life’s difficult challenges and false hope propagated throughout the Christian communities in Northwest Haiti. With the help of the CFPH Haitian pastors will have quality time to focus on their ministries without having to carry the weight  of their family’s daily needs for survival. 

The CFPH  is working towards building a strong coalition for Haitian pastors by establishing and assisting them by building strong communities, also the CFPH will help the Haitian pastors by equipping them with the Truth of God’s Word through teaching and practical applications, which will allow them to annihilate the works of the enemy and live victorious lives.

Haiti has become a breeding ground for diverse types of demonic spirits that have the capability to present themselves as angels of light by instilling false hope in the local communities, but with the help of CFPH, the Haiti pastors will be equipped with the Truth in order to expel the deeds of darkness.  Haiti is an impoverished country with limited resources, but at the same time, many are rich in their Christian faith. The Haitian pastors need the assistance of the CFPH to carry out the mandate that has been placed on their lives for the End Time Harvest. The mantle for the End Time Harvest has been given to the CFPH to assist the Haitian pastors by working with the local Church leaders so that the Haitian pastors and local Church leaders may remain focused on the Word of God. CFPH will not focus on building churches, but rather provide support for the Haitian churches that have a desire to see and experience the Word of God being rightly divided, so that lives will be changed.

CFPH’s primary goal is to provide support; one family at time, by encouraging them to trust God to provide, protect and demonstrate His creative power throughout the Haitian country.  

CFPH will remain a conduit for opportunities in the mission field for Christians to fulfill their calling.

If you have a desire to become a partner with the CFPH and make a difference in the lives of the Haitian pastors, please contact us by using the information below.

Apostle Tim and Jackie Jarvis

2969 Hwy 24, SUITE 4

Broad Creek Plaza

Newport NC 28570


“Together, we can make a difference”