Another early morning (zero dark thirty (3:30 A.M.)). The best thing about about this flight was our pilot Simon who prayed for the flight before we took off. Now the most interesting thing was the 6 seater plane that we flew on, I have flown on many planes but nothing this small. It looked like a crop dusting plane and yes 5 of us and the pilot fit. Now that was a ride, a little noisy but fairly smooth flight. As we were preparing to land I began looking for the runway then I seen this beat up very bumpy looking dirt road with people walking all over it. I thought to myself that could not possibly be the landing strip but as the pilot turned the plane and lined it up  sure enough that very road was it. Praise God that was one of the best landings that I have ever experienced in the 20 years that I have been flying. Pastor Fontaine was already there waiting on us with truck that looked like an older model Mazda with a jacked up (high) bumper. We all climbed aboard and found our seat on the small wooden ledge that boarder the top of the truck bed. A very thrilling ride as the truck followed Pastor Fontaine who was on a motorcycle leading the way as we held on in order not to either fall out of the truck or fall in the middle of the truck. As we were flying through the roads to get to the Coalitions for Pastors Mission Center the scenery was truly heartbreaking to see the magnitude of proverty. There are many who are living in buildings that are literally crumbling down around them and yet their resourcefulness is so amazing and encouraging to me. After a long day a cool shower would be wonder, but the shower does not work so a cool wash off is what we will all get. Praise God for being able to freshen up.